The Lost Day

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But whenever a scientific result seems to support the Bible, thereligion hucksters proclaim that glorious news from every pulpit!When someone challenges its accuracy, anewspaper may print a correction, but bury it on a back page.This whole account has the appearanceof a parable, written to illustrate a moral, rather thana factual account of a real incident.LOST DAY, REVISITED, footnotes, Fall 1989.Most dials are not even marked in degrees.

Nearly nine years have elapsed, and Mr.Also, the project hasbeen on the shelf for some while, since I assumed that thisurban legend was dead.Other papers picked it up.Thecomputer programs were designed to predict future planetarypositions for space missions.Hill is apparently not at all concerned that he might beperpetuating a fairy tale.

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Totten ofYale, written in 1890.In July, 1970 I wrote to Mr.The many newspaper columnists who uncritically reprinted this storywere obviously not concerned with checking its validity.This is how nonsense gets spread far andwide.Many gullible people were convinced this story was true.One such case occurred in 1970.

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Then there is the matter of accuracy.Is it possiblethat Ball was a fictional creation of Totten?No, we have no independentrecords of such observations.So the sun stood still in themidst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a wholeday.It will be something which gotleft out of the later versions.

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Anyone seriously interested in determining the origins of thisstory would seek out these books by Rimmer, Totten and Ball.He would make the sunadvance 10 degrees.Additional concerns about the fable.These notes were unpublished because I was unsuccessful intracking down the Sir Edwin Ball source.Then spake Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lorddelivered up the Amorites before the children if Israel, andhe said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still uponGibeon; and thou, moon, in the valley of Ajalon.Who is this Totten from Yale and what is his book?It is now 1979.

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My interest is in this story, the tale of the skeptic vs.Seldom will the gullible believers troublethemselves to check out the facts.Any mathematical computationpropagates error, since data are never perfect.Scienceand the Bible and the perfect harmony which exists betweenthem.Where in the story of Joshua did the skeptic find the23 hours 20 minutes figure?Jim Lacey, Public Information Officer at NASA Goddard Space FlightCenter, told me, by phone, that his office was deluged withinquiries about the newspaper article.Rimmer concludes, This settles the case, for ten degrees onthe sundial is forty minutes on the face of the clock!

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Did the incidentever happen?Whether the base plate is horizontal ortilted, for example.He even encourages further disseminationof this fable by referring those who wish to reprint the articleto contact the EVENING WORLD newspaper.And, though certain facts and figures, like the 23 hours 20minutes, 10 degrees on the sundial and 40 minutes on the clock,persist, the whole logic makes no sense in any version or on anylevel of interpretation.He admits:Concerning my source, recall where I picked up thisparticular incident.

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But there is an even more fundamental question.It wouldbe of great importance to historians who need accurate datings ofpast events.It may predate both of them!The original article isworse, for it is laden with irrelevant details which obscure thefacts.How could any astronomical calculation determine thatanything was missing out of time?The skeptic took up his Bible reading again, and finally cameto a passage in the 38th chapter of Isaiah.Hespeculates that some of the computer people may have encounteredHill, perceived him to be a simpleminded, gullible religious nut,and told him a wild yarn to see if he would be foolish enough tobelieve it.

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This fable has been making the rounds ever since Sir Edwin Ball,and later Totten, popularized it.The Lost DayThe conflict between science and religion has had a long andcolorful history.Furthermore, none of these stories address the question ofwhat the original account said.The LostHour were made at Clearfield for distribution to auxiliary membersthroughout Pennsylvania.God offers as a sign to make the sunadvance 10 degrees.Since my report titled THE LOST DAY appeared in THE VECTOR back in1979, certain additional information has come my way which maypoint to the source of this fable.To confirm the truth ofHis promise, God offered a sign.

The remainder of Mr.Perhaps such foolishness never dies so long as there are gulliblepeople who want to believe such things are true.And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until thepeople had avenged themselves upon their enemies.Since this incident first came to myattention about two years ago, I have misplaced the source ofinformation and so am unable to give you names and places but willforward them as soon as I locate them.Fraternal Order of Eagles State Auxiliary.Joshua and the Amorites.But their structure and many of the details arethe same.

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Is not thiswritten in the book of Jasher?The Harmony ofScience and Scripture.Our God is rubbingtheir noses in His TRUTH!God with some intelligence!It told of a NASA computer programmed to calculate planetary andlunar positions in the future and the past.

God wasapparently in a good mood that day, and accepted themodification of the original plan.Bible, not fromastronomical calculation.The skeptic reads Joshua and finds that only 23 hours and 40minutes were lost when Joshua made the sun stand still.In the meantime I can onlytell you that had I not considered the source to be completelyreliable, I would not have made use of this information in thefirst place.Perhaps rimmer is takingliterary liberties by imagining what Totten might havesaid to a skeptic.King Hezekiah wasgravely ill, and in response to his prayer, God promised toadd fifteen more years to his life.

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But all such forcing ofhistorical assumptions to fit results is pointless until youestablish the validity of the 23 hours 20 minutes value,and explain why exactly 24 hours must be accountedfor.Of course the natural direction of shadowmotion is an advance.Hill from including alleged scientific evidence for religionin his public speeches.The entire account, from Joshua 10.No such publication has appeared.So it is possible that Hill might have been thereon at least one occasion, supervising that work.

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Thus outright fabrications canproliferate for years without challenge.That removed an inconsistency, but there was still 40 minutes oftime to be accounted for.The biblical accounts do not give enough information to evenguess at the values of these variables, or the type of sundialused.Bible believer, told by Rimmer, repeated by Hill and others, andany earlier versions from which these were derived.The story has all of the earmarks of a totalfabrication invented by someone with little knowledge of scienceor of computers.This would requirecomparison with historical records made by people recordingastronomical events and motion of planets using whatever calendarwas in use at the time.Now I see it popping up on the internet again.

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Ifthe Bible made a mistake of forty minutes, it is not the Bookof God!Professor of MilitaryScience and Tactics at Yale.IWD has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people.Spencer, Indiana EVENING WORLD, October 10,1969.If this is a bit confusing, I am sorry.

There is no way itcould find a discrepancy as small as a day way back in ancienttimes.Quite frankly we are doing good to date an astronomical historicalevent that long ago to a precision of a few weeks or months, oreven years.Hill, raising questions such as theseand requesting specific information on who had done the computerwork, where they had published papers about it, etc.Harold Hill responded, to those who inquired, by saying that heincludes the story in his public lectures as an example of theharmony of science and religion.Lacey also notes that the newspaper account is full of obviouserrors and fabrication.Someone then rememberedII Kings 20, where Isaiah made the shadow of the sun returnbackward ten degrees to impress the dying Hezekish.NASA hasabsolutely no reason to calculate past planetary positions.

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Allwho have requested additional MISSING DAY details.To mention just a few:What was the precision of that 24 hour discrepancy?Obviously these early versions of the story do not have computersor NASA in them!IWD is not country, group or organization specific.The lengthy article is rich in folksy conversationsillustrating the perplexity of the scientists.These are not generally equivalent.Goddard SpaceFlight Center.

Anyone reading the original article and thinking about it would seethat it is full of unanswered questions.Of course, just check yourBible to see if you can account for your missing time.Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.Finally someone suggested that this missing day might represent thetime when Joshua made the sun stand still.It is a lightthing for the shadow to go down ten degrees: nay, but letthe shadow return backward ten degrees.There are sundials designed and engraved to showtrue angle of the sun at all seasons.

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Clearly Hill lies when he insists the incident happened at NASAwhile running a computer program, for he has no evidence for that,and the origins of his story are clearly documented to predate NASAand predate computers.Go out in the court and look atthe sundial of Ahaz.One might alsoassume that the reading of any type of sundial may have beenconverted, or expressed, in terms of the corresponding angularmovement of the sun, in degrees.These literalists have suffered many defeats.Thiswould be a good assignment for library research, since in allcases, the documentation is specific, yet incomplete.

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Hill was in no wayinvolved with any computer work there, or any other scientificproject.The truths ofreligion are never so well understood as by those who have lostthe power of reasoning.The news media frequently print nonsense of this sortas if it were fact.

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