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Without knowing Chinese, it is, I would argue, difficult to read, listen and understand the Chinese people.Some of the Goths, the East Germanic tribes who disappeared slowly after the 6th century, must have felt that their cities had too many foreigners; that their daughters preferred to marry outsiders, that there sons had to learn a foreign language, that they consumed more and more goods that they themselves did not produce; that its few survivors suddenly felt the desire to belong to something greater than their own narrow turf.This air of condescension is reflected in Western education systems.During the Cold War, the socialist Guy Mollet is believed to have said:The Communists are not of the left but of the East.This is what Amartya Kumar Sen, the 1998 Nobel Laureate in Economics, has to say about the two civilization modes and their views:There are two ways of thinking of the history of civilization in the world.

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Western nations have encouraged their societies to promote the development of individuality by laws and variable decrees of punishment that will ensure your punishment if another individual was harmed by you.It is still perfectly conceivable, in the 21st century, to meet a German, French, Italian, American visiting scholar on the streets of Delhi or Shanghai, who has never heard about Rammohan Roy, Sri Autobindo, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Si Maqian, Hu Shi, Liang Qichao, or Lu Xun.What difference would it make?We would still have to read the Bible or The Analects to make sense of the real world.What then is the problem with Europe?And about where it is.Now, of all the persons listed above, to my knowledge none of them had ever mastered Classical Chinese or Sanskrit, nor learned any other Asiatic language in a lifetime.

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With regards to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam etc.Apart from France, Italy, and of course Finland, communism was virtually absent in Western politics, except, of course, as the bogeyman.Western hemisphere thereafter, giving the East considerable amount of time and freedom to experiment and develop its theories further.One is to pursue the story in an inclusive form, paying attention to the divisions as well as the interdependence involved, possibly varying over time, between the manifestations of civilization in different parts of the world.Eastern cultures and languages.But then, why should they?The Chinese, on the other hand, knew only little about Right, but a lot more about Tact.

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Is there one word that can serve as a principle of conduct for life?They will probably always be.The answer is, no one can; and the West will not appreciate Eastern spirituality.The standard of Western knowledge is Western civilization and, recently, the English language, and against that standard all other cultures are measured and judged upon.Outside Asia the situation is truly hopeless, with the average American Joe or European Kevin not being able to name a single living Chinese person.That statement is based on facts.The human mind needs context.

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He did what he knew was Right, he ran them all over again, thereby diffused and divided the already fragmented; but Napoleon did not know how to unite, rule or teach them Tact either.European constitution was ruled out, and finally a European Treaty was rejected twice in 2005 by France and the Netherlands, and in 2008 by Ireland.Only so much time and energy can be devoted to the pursuit of knowledge of other cultures without other aspects of our own culture suffering.Therefore, it will be an unachievable task for Germany to maintain its own culture, letting alone learning a lot more new things.What I will discuss, on the other hand, is how history is now repeating itself.The West, however, is different.Of all the cultures that have disappeared from this world, to my knowledge, not a single farewell letter or suicide note has ever been unearthed.

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Next, let us assume that neither Jesus Christ nor Confucius is the voice of God, but the proposition they wanted to talk across really was intended to be universal.European boat through these difficult times.Indianize ourselves, for example.Are Europeans really that ignorant?When a small country submits to a large country, it will be adopted by the large country.Roman, nor an empire.

In drawing an analogy to Ms.Our goal is a harmonious world!We know what a good operation looks like, and we know what follows if all the premises are true: the patient walks out of the hospital.If you really do that, you may just find that your enemy will become your friend.Western hemisphere, in the case of dialectical materialism, all major parties of Western capitalistic democracies quickly found their own ways to attend to and satisfy its people and to curb production and the accumulation of material wealth, and it all happened without turning human beings into submissive production units with no human rights.On the contrary, these great and promising powers are optimistic and ambitious about their future.They love their country, and they embrace life.

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And what did the righteous Napoleon do?European nations do not have there own ideas about harmoniousness, far from it, they have various, often fragmentary, even conflicting ideas about it.To get rich is glorious!Czech, Flemish, Polish with no lingua franca, the opposition of Prussia and Austria, the Church.Not to live in living is to endure.Of course, they are not.If both would serve their interests, both must submit.

The East is pursuing the story in an inclusive form; the West segregates the beliefs of different regions separately.After all, who wants to be murdered, beaten, crucified?Another use of the Golden Rule from The Bible is to warn someone about the pain and punishment that comes along with breaking the Golden Rule, because once you break the Rule, you cannot rule out that someone else is breaking it on you.Europe today about their European Union, each of them wants to defend their individual Right, but none of them has Tact enough to submit to the greater cause.Do not do to others what you would not like yourself.Western Europe or the United States held any considerable mandates.Jesus Christ, Bill Gates, or Harry Potter.

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The Romans tried to teach the Germanic tribes Tact and Right, but the Germanic tribes could only understand Right, not Tact.The Journey to the West, Outlaws of the Marsh, the Puranas or the Ramayana.Asian alternative to make their own citizen happy.The Greeks knew about Tact and taught the Romans.Thus, there is a tactful bond between the small states imitating the large: Submission is a means of union.Asian nationals and admirers.

If the people are governed by laws and punishment is used to maintainorder, they will try to avoid the punishment but have no sense of shame.Nun seien Sie mal nicht so weinerlich!In this 21st century of voyeurism and mass media though, we may want to hear and watch some cultures die.Appearances can make happy, indeed.When a large country submits to a small country, it will adopt the small country.

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If you cannot understand what I just wrote that means you probably do not understand Chinese.Far from it, in fact, they are really busy in all intellectual departments in keeping what they have, and maybe learning a bit more about finance, IT, and American popular culture.There can be no mistake about what a liver is.All the parameters are highly scientific and precise.Emperor of Austria, did not know how to rule tactfully, and their subjects did not know how to submit tactfully.Western position on human rights.For a start, despite the name, it did never include Rome.

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It is in the interest of a large country to unite and gain service, and in the interest of a small country to unite and gain patronage.The one submits and adopts, the other submits and is adopted.Today, Germany and France are arguably more socialist than socialist China ever will be.Do for others just what you want them to do for you.They undergo compulsory Maoism courses but fantasize of little but money.Eastern societies from the beginning of time.

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